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Everything you'll need to create & organize UTM links with ease, and without the spreadsheets.


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Create campaign links with speed and consistency

Bulk UTM Link Creation

Create multiple UTM links seamlessly for your campaign with a single click, saving you time and reducing errors.

Consistent Links

Standardize campaign link creation with your team by pre-defining UTM parameters and naming conventions.

UTM Templates

Increase link creation efficiency and naming convention standardization with templates for commonly used parameters.


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UTM Codes is the perfect tool to increase my team's efficiency and accuracy in setting up ad campaigns for our clients. I highly recommend this tool for any agency or freelancer that wants to save time and money! No more using the age-old spreadsheet method.

Valtteri Salomaki, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

UTM Codes makes creating and tracking URLs easier than ever before. Before UTM Codes, the way we did this was messy and hard to scale. UTM codes has made our marketing team's life easier and allows us to spend more time doing the creative, higher value tasks.

Andrea Watts, Director of Marketing @Narrative Science

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